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    Estate Planning: Ways to Support AALOC

    By including Animal Assistance League of Orange County in your estate planning, you provide the necessary support to help us continue our mission in aiding abandoned animals and pet owners in need. Including AALOC in your will or trust, or as a life insurance beneficiary, supports our ongoing efforts in a very important way. Please know AALOC appreciates any size bequests and will use these gifts wisely in caring for the animals at our no-kill rescue/kennel.

    The following information discusses several ways you can include AALOC as you consider the distribution of your assets after your passing. This information is intended as an educational tool only and should not be considered legal, financial or tax advice. Please consult with your tax advisor, attorney, or financial planner for more specific details if you choose to include Animal Assistance League of Orange County as part of your estate planning.

    Giving Though a Will or Trust

    There are several ways you can provide support to AALOC within your will or trust:

    • By specifying a dollar amount or particular asset be provided.
    • By designating a certain percentage of your assets.
    • Or by assigning any remainder, or residual portion of your estate to AALOC, after your bequests to loved ones have been made.

    Assigning AALOC as a Beneficiary

    It is possible to name Animal Assistance League or Orange County as a primary or contingent beneficiary of your retirement assets, bank or investment accounts, or life insurance policies. You can do this by requesting your retirement plan administrator, financial advisor or life insurance agent add Animal Assistance League of Orange County as a beneficiary. There is a tax benefit for selecting AALOC as a beneficiary: when you choose to leave your retirement account, bank or investment accounts, or life insurance policy to our charity, our organization may not be required to pay income tax on the gift. 

    A paid-up life insurance policy can also be transferred to Animal Assistance League of Orange County as an additional gift-giving avenue. Once transferred AALOC can either cash in the policy or receive the death benefit later. Either way, you would be able to receive an income tax deduction for this transfer.

    You can also assign AALOC as the beneficiary to a bank or investment account, as either a “Payable on Death (POD)” or “Transfer on Death (TOD)” recipient. This bequest can be done without changing your will or trust. Just ask your financial institution or advisor for the form necessary to add AALOC as a beneficiary. You will continue to control these funds while you are alive and can make additional changes to your beneficiaries at any time.

    Thank you for your compassion and concern for the dogs and cats in our care. We appreciate any support you provide to help us in caring for animals, in whatever way or whatever amount you choose. 

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