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    AALOC is a no-kill, nonprofit organization dedicated to rescuing dogs and cats from shelters, the streets and neglectful or abusive situations. We assist all animals that we have room for and have no preconditions. We rescue all ages, all breeds, including animals with medical conditions. We commit to care for them as if they were our own pets, with the best food, veterinary care, training and love until they find a family and a home that is safe, loving, and forever. We are not "in a hurry to get rid of them" and we select homes that will continue to care for them as we have. We do everything possible to ensure that their lives will only get better once they come through our doors, into our hearts, and eventually yours.

    Adoption Requirements

    Application will be processed once potential adopter has met the dog or cat.

    Adoption application, veterinary reference, and home visit is required.

    The Adoption Application assists us in finding a pet that is a good match for you, your family, your other pets, and your lifestyle.

    The Home Visit is done in or near Orange County by a volunteer member of the Kennel Committee who will bring the dog or cat you want to adopt to your home when all family members are present. You will have time to spend with the pet in your home before making a final decision to adopt. Pets are checked for compatibility. Pets are not adopted on home visits.

    • Pools/spas/jacuzzis/ponds must be fenced to keep the pet safe. Animal Control reports many drowned pets in pools every year!
    • Fences and gates must be a minimum 5-6 feet tall and gates locked.
    • Dog doors for small pets are not approved. Coyotes populate all areas of Orange County, can easily jump 8-10 foot fencing, and hunt both day and night.
    • All poisonous plants, fertilizer, snail bait, slug killer, ant bait, etc. must be removed permanently.

    The adoption is approved if you and AALOC agree that it is a good match.

    We do reserve the right to refuse adoption. A denial is not a rejection of you as a person; it is a refusal to place a pet in a situation that we do not feel is a good match or does not meet our policies.