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    This program provides pet food supplies for those suffering financial hardships. AALOC receives calls regularly from pet owners who plead for pet food to feed their pets who have not eaten in several days, from pet owners who are now having to live in their cars with their pets, and those who have found themselves suddenly unemployed and not able to make ends meet. A bag of pet food can be lifesaving and keep a pet owner from having to abandon a pet at a shelter because of hard times. AALOC accepts donations of pet food for distribution to pet owners suffering financial hardship. Pet food must be unopened, not expired, and have donor information attached. Please contact AALOC to help feed our neighbors pets during hard times: or (714) 893-4393.

    To request pet food assistance from AALOC:

    1. Please complete the form below as it applies to your needs and wants. Please note: If any question on the Pet Food Aid form does not apply to you simply put n/a in the blank.
    2. Provide any requested documents including proof of income and photo ID by scanning and faxing to 714-274-1613.