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Animal Assistance League of Orange County is a no-kill humane society: we keep all the animals we accept into our care until they are adopted, die naturally or the quality of their lives diminish to the point a veterinarian suggests euthanasia because the dog, cat or rabbit can no longer live without pain or suffering. For this reason, we have a selection of animals that for a variety of reasons are never going to be the first to be adopted. Sometimes this is because they are older, sometimes because they have a medical condition (either manageable or terminal), and sometimes because their temperament does not make a good first impression. In each of these circumstances it does not mean the animal cannot be a loving pet.

Your job as a Forever Foster parent is to provide the special love and care for the pet you've chosen for their rest of their life. AALOC will pay for all vet bills, food, medicine and supplies that animal may need. Know that you will not be on your own; the AALOC team will always be available to assist with questions or concerns you may have about your new charge.

As someone who has Forever Fostered a number of AALOC animals I can verify this is a very rewarding experience and that once an animal is in a household they usually thrive. They also somehow know you have chosen them to be your special pet and always repay you many times over in love and affection for choosing them.