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    This program provides financial donations (when available) to low-income, elderly and disabled pet owners who need help with emergency and routine veterinary care.

    Although we are struggling to pay over $30,000 in vet bills at our no-kill shelter, we may be able to make a small pledge depending on whether or not funds are available. Also visit our Other Financial Support Programs page for a list of additional organizations which donate to help with veterinary costs. Please call everyone on the list ASAP, leave messages and answer your phone when you are called back. Most volunteers call from their own phones which are usually blocked numbers. Do not miss a phone call as they may not call back. Be persistent in calling the groups until you get a response. Many people who call the numbers provided are successful in getting donations to help with their vet expenses so their pets can be treated. 

    To request financial assistance from AALOC:

    1. Please complete the form below as it applies to your needs and wants. Please note: If any question on the Pet Aid form does not apply to you simply put n/a in the blank.
    2. Provide any requested documents including proof of income and photo ID by scanning and faxing to 714-274-1613.
    3. Call for Care Credit or Scratchpay and give us the amount approved or a denial number.
    4. If you need non-emergency surgery call the Sam Simon Foundation at 888-364-7729 and list the name of the person you spoke with. Please let us know if you are approved or denied.
    5. You need to call other groups and/or organizations listed on our Other Financial Support Programs page to get additional pledges since we have very limited funds. Please tell us how much any other group has pledged on your behalf. OC Animal Allies at 714-964-4445 should be contacted first.
    6. Please remember to list the name and phone number of your vet you want to go to, or we can recommend one we work closely with. Not all veterinary offices take pledges from us, as we do not pay at the time of services. There is sometimes a short lag time before the vet is paid.