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Breed: Chihuahua mix
Birthdate: April 5, 2020
Sex: male
Housebroken: yes
Good with other dogs: yes
Good with kids: recommend adult only home
Good with cats: unknown
Special needs: none


A small Chihuahua mix was thrown over a high fence and abandoned. This may sound very cruel and inhumane, but the story gets worse: the poor little dog is missing a paw and could have been further injured by the fall. The AALOC team found him terrified, cowering in fear. He was cold and scared and didn’t trust anyone. In addition, it was reported an individual saw Cassidy living on the streets with a homeless person before being abandoned. We don’t know the extent of Cassidy’s past, but we do know this life must have been very difficult for a small dog like Cassidy.

Over time, members of the AALOC staff have been able to convince Cassidy humans can be trusted and Cassidy has become loving and affectionate with these specific individuals, but it will take a special, very patient person to win Cassidy’s love and trust as his new owner or foster parent. For this reason, we recommend Cassidy be adopted or fostered by an adult-only family.

Cassidy’s missing paw doesn’t seem to impair his mobility at all. A veterinarian orthopedic surgeon examined Cassidy’s foot and could not determine if the injury was congenital or caused by trauma, and his medical recommendation was Cassidy does not need any treatment or surgery, and can live his life without restrictions

As a foster parent, all costs, including all medical costs, for Cassidy would be paid for by AALOC. All you need to do is love and care for Cassidy.

Please apply to foster or adopt Cassidy. Once your application is reviewed and approved, we will contact you to make an appointment to visit us at AALOC to meet Cassidy and get to know him a bit.

Donation of $165 for dog adoption includes spay/neuter, vaccinations, and a microchip. Applications require a veterinary reference and home visit (in Orange County, CA). For more information on adoption policies visit our dog adoption page at Contact us by e-mail at or by phone (714) 893-4393.