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Breed: mackerel tabby
Birthdate: April 1, 2021
Sex: female
Good with kids: no children; experienced cat owner
Special needs: regular vet visits, special kitten food and lots of interaction to socialize Windy well


Homeless is bad enough but homeless and sick is a lot worse. Momma cat Sky, a mackerel tabby, and her babies Haze, Windy, Stormy and Sunny were dumped outside our rescue. Every kitten was sick and needed medical attention in order to live. Luckily AALOC was able to get them the treatment they needed and all of them are have recovered. They are now ready for new homes!

Mackerel tabbies make great pets. Known as happy-go-lucky cats, they are intelligent and playful as well as clever and entertaining. Famous mackerel tabbies include Morris; The Cheshire Cat; Garfield and Heathcliff; and Jenny-Any-Dots of the musical Cats who sleeps all day because she's been very busy all night being kind and affectionate to others.

Windy is adorable – but she is still small and can be easily hurt. Windy is also not a cat that likes to be held or handled. So for this reason we are recommending Windy be adopted into an adult-only home with an experienced person who can provide Windy the socialization training she needs.

Please submit an application to adopt Windy. Once your application is reviewed and approved we will contact you to make an appointment to visit us at AALOC to get to know Windy.

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