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Breed: brown short-hair mackerel tabby
Birthdate: November 1, 2019
Sex: male
Good with kids: families with children 10 years of age or older
Special needs: none


ind and compassionate neighbor watched as a family down the block packed up their belongings and moved away. Unfortunately they forget something - five indoor house cats that were left to fend for themselves on the streets. Horrified, the good Samaritan worked tirelessly to round up the terrified and hungry cats and brought them to AALOC.

These sweet cats - averaging about a year or two old - were checked by a vet who confirmed they are neutered, healthy and ready to be adopted by a family that understands a pet is forever and not something you toss out with the trash. Micah, Marshall, Max, Midnight and Mason are available for adoption on, either as single cat adoptions or as bonded pairs.

Micah is a mackerel tabby, one of the best cats in the world to own. Mackerel tabbies are generally very intelligent, affectionate and loving. Mackerel tabbies are also known to be very curious and overall a very friendly and loyal pet.

Please submit an application to adopt Micah. Once your application is reviewed and approved we will contact you to make an appointment to visit us at AALOC to meet Micah and get to know him a bit.

Donation of $100 for cat adoption includes spay/neuter, vaccinations, and a microchip. Applications require a veterinary reference and home visit. We adopt to residents of Orange County, CA and surrounding areas. Please note: For families with children, we require children to be 10 years of age or older, although exceptions are made depending on the circumstances. For more information on adoption policies click here to visit our cat adoption page. Contact us by e-mail at

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