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Breed: domestic shorthaired
Birthdate: April 13, 2021
Sex: male
Good with kids: children over 12 recommended
Special needs: vaccinations, neutering and regular vet visits while still a kitten


Inky was left at the front of the kennel. Just a sweet, tiny, black little kitten abandoned, seemingly without reason. This little feline needs a forever home and someone to love him.

Inky has a little black snub nose, golden eyes and the cutest white fur on his upper chest. He also has a personality to match: playful and curious, Inky is always up for fun. He is affectionate and likes to interact with humans. Bring a toy and he will be your instant best buddy.

As with most kittens, early human interaction with Inky is important to Inky’s social development. Play at this stage of a cat’s life is also vital because it increases their physical coordination, confidence and curiosity, and teaches limits while they explore leadership ranking (who’s in charge) and how to be a cat. Inky will also require regular vet appointments to ensure he has all his vaccinations and to be neutered. AALOC will pay for Inky’s first vaccinations and neutering as part of the adoption fee. Small kittens can be easily hurt by little children so we are recommending he be adopted into families without children or those with children 12 years or older.

Please submit an application to adopt Inky. Once your application is reviewed and approved we will contact you to make an appointment to visit us at AALOC to meet Inky during visiting hours (10am to 3pm daily) and get to know him a bit.

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