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Breed: domestic short-haired tuxedo
Birthdate: April 27, 2023
Sex: female
Good with kids: children 10 years or older
Special needs: none


Dinos, Dimitri, Drea, and Daphne were brought to AALOC by a couple. They set the crate with the kittens down and ran off. The kittens were just three weeks old. They were all hypothermic and malnourished, but Dinos was in the worst shape. Our team was able to stabilize them all and found a wonderful bottle feeding foster. They all survived and are ready now to find new homes.

Drea really enjoys playtime – bring out a cat twirler or a kitty toy and Drea is on it! Cats generally fall into one of two categories: bush dwellers (because they prefer to find places to hide behind or beneath) or tree dwellers (because they like to be up high). Drea is definitely a tree dweller; she is the climber of the group.

Please apply to adopt Drea. Once your application is reviewed and approved we will contact you to make an appointment to visit us at AALOC to meet Drea and get to know her a bit.

Donation of $100 for cat adoption includes spay/neuter, vaccinations, and a microchip. Applications require a veterinary reference and home visit. We adopt to residents of Orange County, CA and surrounding areas. Please note: For families with children, we require children to be 10 years of age or older, although exceptions are made depending on the circumstances. For more information on adoption policies visit our cat adoption page at Contact us by e-mail at

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