We receive many calls/emails for help with spay/neuter. It is our desisre to help as many animals as possible. We understand you may be short of funds, but even $25.00 will make a difference and allows us to spay/neuter even more animals. If no co-pay at all is possible, let us know. Otherwise please tell us how much you can afford as a co-pay toward your pet's spay/neuter procedure, pain medications and e-collar if necessary.


We will approve a maximum of two pledges at one time. You may reapply for two additional pledges next month; they won't come automatically. Do you need one or two pledges this month?

* Stanton: Stanton Pet Hospital, 8591 Katella Avenue, Stanton, CA 90680 - 714-828-5891 – Please note: domestic cat spay/neuters are a package including pain shot, collar and FVRCP. Cost for a spay is $165.00 and our vouchers cover $90.00. Neuters cost less. Dog prices vary with the age and situation of the dog. Call to verify prices and let us know so we can determine voucher coverage.

* Costa Mesa: Family Animal Hospital, 1525 Mesa Verde Drive East, Costa Mesa, CA 92626 - 714-434-2830 - Please note: this office doesn't take vouchers for feral cats, only domestic cats and dogs. Voucher will pay one-half (1/2) the fee.

* Garden Grove: Brookhaven Pet Hospital, 10092 Chapman Ave., Suite #5, Garden Grove, CA 92840 - 714-530-2200 - Please note: usually there are long waits for appointments at Brookhaven, but ask about cancellations. Brookhaven offers the best prices around and vouchers cover all normal expenses.

* Fountain Valley: Animal Medical Center, 16540 Harbor Blvd., Suite A, Fountain Valley, CA 92708 - 714-531-1155 - Please note: voucher will cover all of basic spay/neuters, but client will pay about $90 for pain injection and take-home pain medications, etc.

* Huntington Beach: Huntington Pet Vet, 20032 Beach Blvd., Huntington Beach, CA 92648 - 714-969-0211 - Please note: this office may, but not always, only take cat vouchers and FVRCP is required (bring proof or get a FVRCP for $15.00 there). The exam is $44.00 but you can make an appointment for procedure only, and not have to pay for an exam. Voucher covers most regular spay/neuter procedures.

* Costa Mesa: Mesa West Pet Hospital, 1870 Placentia Ave., Costa Mesa, CA 92627 - 949-642-9142. - Please note: this office only takes cat vouchers and you will need an exam ($65.00), and proof of vaccinations (which you can get there). One-half of the $182.00 spay/neuter cost and one-half of the take home pain medication is covered by our voucher. You will need to pay about $140.00 after voucher for the cat.