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Breed: Flame Point Siamese
Birthdate: April 1, 2022
Sex: male
Good with kids: families with children 12 years or older recommended
Special needs: vaccinations and regular vet visits while still a kitten; kitten food


Iggy was found by a Good Samaritan who cared enough to pick him up even though she was severely allergic to cats. For this reason though there was no way this individual could keep the adorable kitten she found, so she reached out to AALOC for help.

Iggy is a Flame Point Siamese kitten. Currently he is predominantly white with beautiful bright blue eyes, one of the common traits of Siamese cats. Although Flame Point Siamese cats are not the rarest domesticated cats, they are still relatively rare. Flame Point Siamese kittens will generally be all white or cream as kittens and then their coats will darken as they grow older, up to two years of age. As for personalities, Siamese cats are among the most vocal felines: they like to have long conversations with their humans. They are also very loving, loyal and affectionate, making them excellent family pets. But Iggy is still very small and can be easily hurt. So for this reason we are recommending he be adopted into an adult only family or a family with children 12 years or older.

As with most kittens, early human interaction is important to their social development. Play at this stage of a cat’s life is also vital because it increases their physical coordination, confidence and curiosity, and teaches limits while they explore leadership ranking (who’s in charge) and how to be a cat. Iggy will need some special attention and care to make sure he grows into a strong feline. Making sure Iggy eats the right food formulated for kitten growth and receives the necessary vaccinations and spaying/neutering during his first year is also important.

Please submit an application to adopt Iggy. Once your application is reviewed and approved we will contact you to make an appointment to visit us at AALOC to meet Iggy and get to know him a bit.

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